Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Beautiful Morning

'I swear honey, this is what happened', he said.
'I was just on my way home from work when my flying caterpillar was ambushed by an enormous parrotwhale.' With an expecting look in his eyes, he inquired: 'you know, the ones with with the harpoonshaped tentacles coming out of their head?' Waving his green feathery arms he exclaimed: it nearly scratched my new rabbit-ears designerseat!' Then, squinting his eyes and curving his beak, he went on: 'the big gaping mouth, displaying a row of the most vicious looking teeth, didn't seem too radiate a friendly nature. So i lighted up a smoke, put the airworm in turbo and somehow how i lost our weddingring.'
Feeling slightly angered, but trying not to show it, she reached for the leather whip leaning against the tableside.

A previous work revised and renamed.


Gulzar said...


WORK!....simply loved it...
btw what tools you used?

take care and keep in touch..will surly keep an eye on this blog...
regards from india...

odd said...

Oh for Christ's sake, just say you went for a beer (or five...)!