Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mother - A Family of Fabulae

You would be flabbergasted what - or rather who - you would find in the lesser known parts of the deepest of deep oceans. A family of forlorn Fabulae, each of differing descent, brought together by chance, a promise of new life and sweet, succulent strawberry jam. It's the syrupy, pink jelly that binds them forever. Or just until the jar is finished, anyway.

A portrait of two of my dearest friends

Wesley & Maartje, finally immortalized through vectorial lines and colours. The funny thing is, they really look like this. Though they seem to have each lost two fingers. Oh well, every portrait has its price. And the four fingers look good in the little jar on our coffee table, very cosy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bearded chicken with cigarette and Elton John glasses (detail from Bizar birds)

An experiment showing a new technique i tried: painting in Photoshop.
Another experiment incorporated in this post: extremely long titles.

I think there's a future in both.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bizar birds

My most recent work, inspired by the theme of a drawing competition. Posted above are two versions with different backgrounds. Which one do you like best?

Het Belang van Limburg 'Natuurtalenten'

This illustration was used in magazine- and newspaperads selling educational childrens' books about nature. The four small books were sold together with the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg.

Who killed the Easter Bunny?

The investigation is still pending. Any valuable clues can be posted on this blog.

The land of Morf

This is the story of a colleage who became a friend, who then presented me with a fairytale he wrote, which I liked very much and therefore decided to give shape to the main character, who you see standing on the rock above sticking his tongue out. His name is wolf. He has a custom made t-shirt, two eyes of varying colours and a mild case of ADHD.
Story credits to Philip Maes.

Coke Zero's Visual Identity

Composed out of many themes liked by men, this logo illustration was born out of love, but shortly after given away for adoption by it's would-be parents. From now on it will spend its days on this blog, hoping that someday its promised family will reconsider their selfish decision. I wish it all the luck. Please take a closer look.


Born into my sketchbook almost a year ago, resembling a speakerbox viewed by challenged eyesight, Doubleface continues to do the thing he loves most... popping out of holes at random times, embracing the people on the left and hissing at the ones on the right. Where do you stand?


To accompany a small magazine interview, I made this selfportrait/profecy featuring my former copywriter and I. We worked as a creative team in advertising for 2,5 years before he decided to quit the business and become a shoe salesman (this is actually not a joke). Wether his decision was made after witnessing this drawing, I can't say for sure. In any case I'm a little more careful with what I draw these days.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


At the moment I'm reading a book featuring a dragon. Not that this has anything to do with this drawing. I just thought you might be interested in this fact.
The End.

Bagbody Nr. 1

In town, I saw a pink handbag on a shelf. Before I realised what exactly happened, it grew arms and legs, moved into my computer, stripped to its underwear on my desktop and stole my money.
I would appreciate you keeping your mouth shut about this.
Thank you.


This guy was originally to be used in a commercial illustration. The idea didn't pass, so I recycled it for myself.
Which was nice..

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kiss the cones

A new style for me. Something more spontaneous and less time-consuming. A vectorial quickie so to say. I look forward to refine this visual metaphor of my inherent laziness.

Brusher aka Mr. B

Mr. Clean cleans your house and everything in it. I like Mr. Clean. He’s a genius. Me myself, I’m Brusher. But I prefer to be called Mr B. I get my thrills out of a tough cleaning job and my body makes it so heavenly easy — just like magic. To remove tough grime and everyday messes, cutting grease… Since a week or so I have a new hobby. Killing germs. First I play with them and then I finish them off. I might take a few more hobbies. I have time. As long as it leaves a streak-free shine, I’m into it.

Party flyer

Logo illustration for Trucs de Luxe

A logo for my girlfriend's company that grew into an illustration. While working on it, I kept creating new characters and stories. Sometimes it's hard to stop when you're having fun . . .