Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Electrabel - Illustrations for Kangoo / Clean illustrations

Commissioned by VVL-BBDO, I got the chance to do something I've never done before: make illustrations to be used as stickers on cars. Electric cars to be exact. These are the clean versions of the illustrations.

Featured art director: Luc Shih

Electrabel - Illustrations for Kangoo / Layouts

Commissioned by VVL-BBDO, I got the chance to do something I've never done before: make illustrations to be used as stickers on cars. Electric cars to be exact. These are the versions with the car-layouts.

Coca-Cola - Illustration for festival flyer

Brussels based advertising agency Demonstr8 asked me to make some illustrations for this year's Coca-Cola festival flyer.
Briefed to use the "Find Waldo"-approach and limited by the short deadline, I experimented with a new 'copy, paste & alter' digital technique.

If you can find all the Coca-Cola nurses and bottles, I'll buy you a coke.

The Changers - Bydonstan Island & Tree avatars

The Changers - Tosmaperstut Island & Birds avatars

The Changers - Wyndichetwosh Island & Cloud avatars

The Changers - Blightlub Island & Icebear avatars

The Changers - Plectungconde Island & Fish avatars

The Changers - Puntingarn Island & Butterfly avatars

I present you with the first island and matching avatars I designed for the community website www.thechangers.eu.
Six islands in total are featured online, each one making use of separate avatars which you can personalize yourself.
During this project the creatives gave me a lot of freedom concerning the illustrations, the characterdesign and the animations.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) commissioned Ogilvy to develop a campaign and a website to encourage people across the EU to take action to reduce their environmental impact.
Currently young people are playing The Changers game in over 27 countries. The MEPs from the ALDE group were so impressed with the campaign they have asked for the website to be translated into seven additional languages.
The ALDE Changers campaign has been short-listed for the Campaign of the Year in the EPAD Awards. The campaign was also featured in the Goodvertising issue of Contagious Magazine. I was very happy to see that the illustrations made the cover.

Creatives: Natacha Ciezkowski (copywriter) & Christoph Heinen (art director)
Flash animator: Bert Verstappen

You can watch the casemovie right here:


Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Beautiful Morning

'I swear honey, this is what happened', he said.
'I was just on my way home from work when my flying caterpillar was ambushed by an enormous parrotwhale.' With an expecting look in his eyes, he inquired: 'you know, the ones with with the harpoonshaped tentacles coming out of their head?' Waving his green feathery arms he exclaimed: it nearly scratched my new rabbit-ears designerseat!' Then, squinting his eyes and curving his beak, he went on: 'the big gaping mouth, displaying a row of the most vicious looking teeth, didn't seem too radiate a friendly nature. So i lighted up a smoke, put the airworm in turbo and somehow how i lost our weddingring.'
Feeling slightly angered, but trying not to show it, she reached for the leather whip leaning against the tableside.

A previous work revised and renamed.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Cute, funny, smart, elegant, full of energy, helpful, passionate, colourful, creative and now also drawn and coloured. Say hello to Natacha. And may i also present our cat Boris, who doesn't trust anyone without food. So, be very aware, because Boris is too.